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Fish Finder Problem

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I have a new 2009 Revo, and went to plug in my fishfinder (Eagle 250) and it would not turn on. My 2ND TIME USING IT!! I checked the obvious stuff, battery power and correct connections. However, there were 2 things i noticed that might be a problem.

  1. The dealer install cut a little opening for wires to go out from the battery inside the watertight container, and it looks like it was too tight, and a tiny bit of the red wire is exposed.
  2. One of the metal plug-in needles in the fish-finder was bent. I didn’t notice this the 1st time, but it worked. I bent it back and plugged/unplugged the wires a few times. It does not appear to be weakened or on the verge of breaking off.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Obviously something like this I"m on my own with since it would be silly to send a kayak back to a dealer to redo wiring, etc.

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