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New to fishing and Washington

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Hey there everyone.

I am a transplant from New Mexico and just getting in to fishing. What an amazing sport I have been missing out on my entire life. Being from NM, I never really had too too many options for fishing and now living in Washington, what better time to learn right?!

I am VERY new to this sport so I am looking for some advise on a few different topics. I am obviously going to do my research but, what are some good, well prices starter fishing poles, reels, and any other helpful gear that you would recommend? I have my eyes set on Salmon fishing but sure will be open to any fishing. Location is another big question for me. I do not have a boat so i will be doing river/shore fishing. I know folks do not like to give away their secret spots and I am sure not asking for those but any good beginner spots that i can check out? At any point are there ever any members that would be willing to take other amateur members out to help them learn?

I am certainly looking at becoming a paid member of this club as I feel it will have some huge benefits. What kind of problems would there be for someone as new to the sport as myself joining the club? I unfortunately, would not have anything to offer other than my support and eagerness to learn and help when needed.

I know I have a ton of questions here and I greatly appreciate any and all help!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!



Welcome aboard,

Definitely come to the club meeting this Thursday 4/12. Check the home page for details:

It’s fair to say the club is “heavy” on saltwater, but there are certainly a few freshwater guys around. And, yes of course, there are open seats available during the season. Some post them on the club board but it’s always better to meet new buddy’s in person and get in the loop.

The meetings are open to the public. Come by and decide if you want to join. You can even grab the mic and introduce yourself to the crowd. It’s that kind of club.

Best of luck welcome to the Northwest


Thanks so much Jimbo.

Dang it, I saw this message too late and missed the meeting on the 12th so I will look at attending the next one. I greatly appreciate your time and look forward to meeting the group during the next meeting!