September 12, 2015 05:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Everett Weigh In

  • For Your Convenience;

    A Weigh-In Station at Bayside Marine Next To The Public Launch please click on the Bayside logo for
    location information.

      1. Weigh In deadline is 2:00PM sharp. You must be in line to weigh in your fish by 2:00PM. 2:01PM is too late.
      2. All guts, gills, kidney (the blood next to the spine) must be removed before weighing fish. Derby judges may do additional cleaning at their complete discretion before weighing. Clean your fish before arriving at either weigh-in station.
        See the Rules, Terms&conditions page for more information.
      1. After you have your boat on your trailer either park and walk your fish up to the scale to be weighed or drive through as directed by derby officials. 
      2. Have your ticket stub ready to present to the weigh master.
      3. If your fish is in the top 10 be sure to keep it on ice and take it to the Edmonds ceremony.
      4. Please leave the area immediately after weighing in your fish so others can get in line.
      5. If at all possible please leave your trailer at home before coming to the Edmonds Derby Headquarters for the final ceremonies as there is very limited parking there. You will have two hours between weigh-in and the ceremony in Edmonds which starts at 4:00PM
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