September 11, 2010 06:00 AM - 02:00 PM

General Information

  • General Information

    The Edmonds Coho Derby is in its 9th year. The derby is brought to you by the SnoKing Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers.

     This year promises to be the biggest and best derby we have had. There is an addition again this year and that is the Everett Weigh In at Bayside Marine next to the Everett public launch. The weigh in at the popular Edmonds marina  will still be there like every year. By adding Everett we are making it possible for you to launch in Everett and weigh in at Bayside in Everett if that is more convenient for you . Once your fish are weighed in you can drive to Edmonds for the big award ceremony. This year we will have food and lots of music and fun.

    Again This Year: There is a new addition this year and that is the Everett Weigh In at Bayside Marine next to the Everett public launch. Launch in Everett and weigh in there too.

    Again This Year:  There will be “live” leaderboards at both weigh in locations. Fish weighed in at either Bayside in Everett or at the Edmonds Marina will be entered in our computerized data base and the standings will automatically be updated all day. The leaderboard will be shown on a live screen at the Edmonds weigh in station.

    Again This Year:  Thanks to the Port of Edmonds we will have parking available for boats on trailers during the afternoon ceremonies. The same parking lot where you park your truck and trailer while you are fishing will be available to those who launch at the Edmonds marina so you can enjoy the awards ceremonies. Go to the sponsors/links page for Port of Edmonds web site.

  • More Information

    Fishing areas for the 2010 Edmonds Coho Derby are restricted to areas 8-1; 8-2; 9 and 10 only



    The official Edmonds Coho Derby VHF radio channel is 72.

    This year our award ceremony will be at 4PM. Weigh ins are stopped at 2PM. All anglers at either Edmonds or Bayside in Everett must be in line at 2PM sharp to qualify to weigh in a fish and be eligible for awards. Anglers from Everett are given ample time to travel to the Edmonds Marina for the final ceremonies. 


    We encourage those launching and weighing it at the Bayside facility to come to the Edmonds Marina Derby Headquarters for the ceremonies and leave their boats behind. The Edmonds Marina area has very limited parking. We have made arrangements with the Port of Edmonds to accommodate those with boats. For many it will be possible to drop their boats off at home and still have time to bring their fish to the ceremonies at Edmonds. Fish taken to the Edmonds ceremony by car must have been weighed in at Everett prior to the 2PM cut off.


    Go to the “Ticket Sales” page for information on this year’s ticket sales. This event, like others in the Northwest Salmon Derby Series, will most likely sell out early so make sure to buy your tickets early. Also make sure that all anglers aboard your boat have tickets as well. If one angler who plans to fish on your boat does not get a ticket and the other anglers do he cannot fish on your boat in the derby as all anglers aboard must have a derby ticket or all will be disqualified.


    Go to the “Derby Day Fishing Tips” page for information from local experts on how to catch the derby winning fish.


    Proceeds from this event go to support organizations and events such as CAST For Kids and the Everett Derby for The Blind. The Puget Sound Anglers SnoKing Chapter also donates a substantial amount of food for the Edmonds area seniors through the South County Senior Center. We appreciate your support.

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