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PSA Sno-King Chapter

  • The SnoKing Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers is a non-profit organization. We are part of a larger organization made up of 18 clubs located all around Puget Sound. We meet the second Thursday of each month at 6:30PM at the South County Senior Center on the Edmonds waterfront next to the ferry dock. Our meetings bring together members and guests to enjoy an evening filled with friendship and opportunities to listen to a wide array of informative speakers talk about fishing of all kinds. We always have food available and end the evenings with a big raffle filled with the latest fishing gear.  We sponsor several outings each year where members get together to fish and form new and lasting friendships. If you want to become a better fisherman joining our organization will help you do that. Go to for more details.


    Puget Sound Anglers statewide works at all levels of government to fight for our fishing rights. We are recognized for our long list of active members who fill some of the most important positions on key committees that help shape our fisheries policies. We are made up of over 5000 members and families. If there is a fishing issue on the table anywhere in Washington State you can be sure a PSA member is at that table working hard to protect our fishing resources. For more information go to


    Our derby started in 2002. We formed a partnership with the Edmonds Yacht Club located at the Edmonds Marina and held our first derby in their facility. In our first year we put special emphasis on the kids. So many derbies have and still do treat the kids with less than top priority. We began by making sure that our derbies would be family friendly and very kid friendly. The young people that have fished our derby keep coming back year after year because they have fun and have the same chance to win all the prizes as the adults. The top five kids all get trophies and special prizes. The kids are eligible for all the prizes so some of them have gotten trophies and big cash prizes as well.


    The main attraction of our derby has been that it is a lot of fun for the whole family. Every year we have had a great event at the end of the summer in early September. We try very hard to make the experience memorable and we must be succeeding as we sell out every year. We put on these derbies for fun but we also do it to raise money for good causes.


    Each year we use the proceeds from the Edmonds Coho Derby to support other non-profit organizations. We have donated substantial funding to CAST For Kids which is another organization that works to promote fishing to our young people and also disabled and disadvantaged folks. Go to for more information on this great organization. We support the Deer Creek Hatchery in Edmonds where salmon are hatched from eggs and distributed in local creeks. Go to for more information on the hatchery. We also participate in the annual Derby For The Blind. We also donate huge amounts of food to the South County Senior Center.


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