September 06, 2008 06:00 AM - 02:00 PM

Derby Fishing Tips

  • From: Ron Garner

    Keep your speed up. 3.5 mph is not to fast. I would not go less than 3.0 for these missiles. Speed can turn on a bite that otherwise would not happen. Fish current or tide rips and check often for shakers or debris on your hook.

    From: Tony Floor

    One of the positive factors when fishing for adult coho salmon, is that they are typically aggressive and will attack a variety of lures and baits. As these fish, many of which are bound for the Snohomish River system and other adjacent freshwater habitats, continue to sexually mature, they are going through a biological change, preparing to revert from a saltwater specie to a freshwater specie. This is certainly an activity during the Edmonds Coho Derby. For example, most coho salmon anglers, fishing in the western Strait of Juan de Fuca and in ocean conditions, will find maturing coho salmon in the top 40 feet of the water column. Not the case during the Edmonds Coho Derby. Analyzing catch results from recent years, during the Derby, more coho are caught deep, ranging from 80 to 120 feet from the surface. Anglers using high-powered fish finders, able to identify where the coho are spending time in the water column have an advantage. Then, it simply dropping a favorite lure or bait in front of the fish and wait for the “bite,” usually at current or tide change.
    I’m a plug-cut herring guy. Green label (size), a very tight spin and at a speed of 2-3 knots. Remember, coho salmon are known as suckers for a very fast spinning bait and when it doubt, go faster. And, like their relative the chinook salmon, find the bait and you’ll find coho salmon. Good luck!

    From: Murphy Rhodes

    Last year's first place fish was caught the old-fashoned way: cut-plug herring and 4 ounce weight trolled near Columbia Beach.

    From: Steve Sande

    I have found that the Silver Horde Ace Hi Fly is a deadly Coho lure. The new UV models in Green behind a Green flasher with about 30" of 40# mono leader trolled at about 3mph at depths from 20-60' should attract the large Coho. The photo below shows what it looks like tied with a single siwash hook. There are a couple of glow in the dark beads and a short length of UV tubing to get the hook back to the end of the lure. You can also tie it up using two barbless Octopus style hooks in size 4/0. When I tie the double hook set up I like to use a smaller hook near the head of the lure and the next size up for the rear hook. Make sure that your hooks are sticky sharp. If you want to add scent use a spray. This lure works fine without a herring teaser.

    From: Bob Giles

    My fishing tip is "Do the Basics First":

    Have your fishing gear ready, clean your terminal gear, sharpen your hooks, know the tides, select your first fishing area the night before and how you plan to fish it, have your rods rigged and ready, apply attractants fresh (UV sprays the night before), and above all, be a catcher and not a fisher!

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