After a busy week we decided to make a run from Everett to the strait to take advantage of the double limit count of shrimp. One of my buddies Rick, that I have fished with forever, decided back in the 90s to get rid of his shrimp gear and quit shrimping. Back then we were pulling by hand and were shrimping and crabbing at the same time. Last year on the new boat I took him out to the strait to shrimp. Our pots were averaging around 200 per pot. His eyes got real big. He wanted back in and bought my old puller when we got home. He proceeded to have me set him up to buy Ladner pots. leaded lines, and buoys. Last winter He set up his boat for the puller, made his lines with the C links (quick connectors) and set up his floats and trailer floats. Rick wanted to make the run in his boat yesterday out to the banks. We met at the dock at 6:00 am with Jean, Grandson Kylur, Rick, and I. I brought some of my gear and made the bait. Yesterday was to be a slack tide so it should be good. We got out there and started scanning the banks. We saw a bunch of people in an area and decided to keep going. We were not seeing the shrimp on the Lowrance so decided to drop them anyway. First pot had about 50, Second pot about 0, third pot had 150 and 4th pot about 50. We did one more pull and did minuscule amounts as the tide started movind and swept our pots off of the bank. They were out floating. We ended the day with 339 shrimp. Far from what we wanted but you have to hit the bank right as the shrimp move around. Once the water gets moving they don't move around as much. All in all it was a great day with all of us. We have a new Grandaughter-Kylurs sister that was born on Friday. So we took Kylur to go shrimping. He and I made the bait on Saturday when they got his mom home from the hospital. All in all Rick got to figure out how to set up his boat. He has a Bayliner 2452 that really has no room for shrimping with all of the gear. So it was how it would do. JHe feels confident now on how to do it with his boat. It is a process for pot storage and having room to coil all of the ropes into a big pot. Yesterday was a 100 mile trip round trip, by water. It was a lot of fun. Next weekend will be bigger tides so if you are going out you will have to hit it hard and fast.

Created on June 27, 2016
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